The Yoga Bananas Technique® 3 - 11 Years

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A fulfilling, creative and vocational course CPD recognised by the Yoga Alliance International and UK (Please note they are separate unconnected organisations). The Yoga Bananas Technique™ is a unique Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course offering an alternative way of building a child's confidence akin to performing and creative arts, but by the very nature of yoga and its roots within the sacred Indian tradition, it also offers a child the opportunity to explore their intuitive nature and spirituality. 

The course is run by founder Vicky 'Skip' Oliver, Dip Physical Theatre, BA English, MA Creative Writing and yoga teacher and trainer since 1998 and her equally enthusiastic teammate Barb Turk, a Yoga Bananas graduate who has been teaching the techniques in schools since 2011. Skip and Barb have met once a month since then at the South Bank, shariing their passion for teaching children, yoga and storytelling.

The course involves 3 intensive days of practical work in a studio and a school. There is a maximum of 8 places on each course (depending on ability) as Yoga Bananas would like each trainee to complete the course feeling fully confident and inspired. Yoga Bananas also gives you access to an insurance policy with a preferential rate and great cover (non-commissioned).

This certificated training course will prove invaluable to yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees. The course is also open to non yoga teachers who have a sound knowledge of yoga asana. Once you have gained your Yoga Bananas qualification you can register with the Yoga Alliance UK as a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher and you will be able to display the Yoga Bananas logo plus an RYTC logo (Registered Yoga Teacher Children's). You will also gain Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance International.

The course work is constantly being updated and expanded to explore the benefits of teaching yoga to children. The theoretical manual now exceeds 12,000 words and the poses manual now has illustrations of 200 unique Stick- Kids™ designed by Yoga Bananas in-house design team OneLongHum.

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PLEASE NOTE: Those who have completed the Yoga Bananas 3 - 11 Course gain £125 discount on the TEEN YB Course (and vice versa).

DAY ONE - Practical And Theory: Working through the training manual written by Vicky 'Skip' Oliver e-RYT500, SYT and partaking in an hour long Yoga Bananas class and focusing on Yoga Bananas Technique™ Structure 1. 

DAY TWO - Practical And Theory: This day offers you the chance to apply your knowledge and expertise into the class setting under the guiding eye of Skippy. You will be trying out your class plans on each other and Skips will be giving individual practical advice on how to hone your skills.This day will also focus on yoga stories and Yoga Bananas Technique™ Structure 2. There will be exercises throughout the day designed to help you connect with your inner child and improve your storytelling skills.

DAY THREE - Practical And Theory: By now you should be brimming with confidence and inspiration. Skips is on hand during the morning to discuss any problems that you may need to address and she will offer you suggestions for improvement all in the beautiful surroundings of Polesden Lacey National Trust Cafe. This will be followed by a short written examination of 20 questions. Then it will be time to visit Polesden Lacey village school and partake in two classes with the children. Skips will teach Structure 1 and Structure 2 and invariably she will throw in some extras as she is always guided by the children. Following this you are a quailified children's yoga teacher.


Little Bookham Village Hall, Bookham, Leatherhead Surrey, KT23 3AF


17 - 19 May 2014

27 - 29 September 2014

Price: £625 non-residential (non-refundable £225 deposit)

Residential: £63 per night (2 nights, breakfast included at Federation House on Sunday and Monday, lunch included with course on Saturday and Sunday). Or lovely local B and B's for £35 - £45 per night - 2 nights, breakfast included at St Nicholas Cottage or Selworthy.  (Lunch included with course on Saturday and Sunday).

The local village school on Monday will offer a nutritious lunch for £2.50 or you have the option of bringing a packed lunch.

If you would like to use any Yoga Bananas material outside of the normal use that the training offers then please contact Skip Oliver or Andrew Lawrence on 01372 459 400. All work is protected by Design Protect. 


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'This proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because I simply loved the whole weekend....I consider myself a very lucky man as I had a wonderful opportunity to observe Skippy and learn from her.'
—Csaba Vinkler - Yoga Bananas trainee