What Is Yoga Bananas®?


Yoga Bananas® and The Yoga Bananas Technique™ has been established since 1998 as one of the pioneers in childen's yoga in the UK. The concept and training are the brainchild of Skip Oliver Yoga Elder, E-RYT500, SYT, YACEP, Dip. Physical Theatre, BA Hons Eng, MA Creative Writing, mother of three boys and yoga specialist and former artisitic director of London StorySLAM:Live. Yoga Bananas is a child yoga teacher training provider with a fun approach to yoga that incorporates all the elements of Hatha Yoga in a form that appeals to children. The emphasis in the training courses, is on offering those who would like to work with children an insight into the power of motivating, caring and offering knowledge to the little people of our world. The exercises aim to promote in children a healthy awareness of the body and the mind that will be instilled within their lives for many years to come.

Skip has been analysing the connection between the mind and the body since she was a teenager and competitive athlete. From her sixteen year teaching experience as a yoga therapist for adults (since 1999) and children (since 1998), she has discovered that the layers of the mind always speak through the physical body. Out of this understanding and through an exploration of yoga techniques and energy work, Skip has devised an exciting and inspirational approach to working with children to help them fulfil their unique potential and develop into caring, sharing individuals. Qualities that a consumerist and competitive world do not support. Yoga Bananas offers a transformative and creative course to those who would like to work with children on a holsitic and spiritual plane. Skip Oliver has created over 170 original techniques and unique class structures to enhance the well-being of both mentor and child. The Yoga Bananas Technique™ can be used in school and within a yoga studio by anyone who would like to or who already works with children on a professional level. The techniques can also be used at home by the whole family.

Yoga Bananas offers its graduates certified Yoga Bananas® Teacher status. Yoga Bananas and whYoga were voted best Yoga Businesses in the UK through a national campaign which sought to champion the best businesses across the nation based on reviews. Yoga Bananas has trained over 1100 students in the Yoga Bananas Technique™, each one of these students personally trained by Skip Oliver.





'Sun - Moon Breath'


'I had very high hopes from Yoga Bananas and I can honestly say that Skip's course both met my expectations and went beyond them.'
—Julie Nolan, Yoga Bananas trainee