Yoga Bananas offers practical children's yoga training courses run by Yoga Bananas founder, Skip Oliver. Her teacher presence offers the students meaningful engagement and personalised feedback which facilitates the forging of authentic relationships, all of which are essential to a student's learning.

Child doing Yoga Bananas Pose

Yoga Bananas®


A long-established and rewarding vocati-onal Children's Yoga course recognised by the Independent Yoga Network, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and a CEU course with the Yoga Alliance US/Worldwide. Est. 1998. Suitable for anyone who has been practising yoga for 2 years. 

Teen YB™ 


A continuing educational development course recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and Yoga Alliance US/Worldwide. A perfect follow-up to the Yoga Bananas® 3 - 11 Course, that takes place as an optional fourth day after the YB 3-11 Course. Est. 2004. 

Boy doing Teen Yoga Bananas Pose
Pregnant woman with young child



 A course for those who would like to train as a teacher in breathing,

visualisation, physical theatre and meditation to creatively work with children to help them live a meaningful life. The content is taken from the 3 Day course, cherry-picking those elements that require no formal training in yoga. This course is open to anyone.

© Yoga Bananas® 1998 - 2019 - all images portray Yoga Bananas' students with Skip Oliver except Teen YB (stock image). Photographs taken by Claire Robertson for Yoga Bananas®.



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01306 621 163


Training takes place:

Forest Green Village Hall,

Horsham Road,

Forest Green,

Surrey Hills


Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Bananas
Yoga Alliance Children's Yoga CPD Course
Independent Yoga Network, Children's Yoga Course