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Ethos & Aims

'I had very high hopes from Yoga Bananas and I can honestly say that Skip's course both met my expectations and went beyond them.'


Julia Nolan

Yoga Bananas Graduate

Yoga Bananas® aims to offer parents, yoga teachers and school teachers an informed, practical and personal approach to teaching children’s yoga. The programme follows a universal yoga ethos, equipping you with the tools to create, inspire and cherish all the children that you teach. 


The training course aims to open in you an awareness of your gifts, strengths and potentialities, guiding you to develop a deep connection with your inner child and the children that you come into contact with. Each course is attended by a maximum of 16 participants to ensure this.


The Yoga Bananas ethos aims to help children identify their place within their surroundings and offer them stability. This identification enhances children's feelings of self-worth and boosts levels of confidence in the early years. A well-rooted confidence stands much less chance of being lost later in life.


It is important to regard the service that you offer children as ‘yoga care’, where your aim is to lead children to embrace the present moment and encourage self-assurance by praising them whenever you can. Children who are made to feel secure within themsleves whatever is going on around them can more fully enjoy q positive existence within an ever-changing and competitive world, where for much of the time their influence is limited.


The Yoga Bananas Technique™ manual has been formatted to cover all aspects of teaching children’s yoga including breathing, meditation and story-telling, relaxation, visualisation and discipline. But a manual can only ever offer you a foundational knowledge. Your own experience of teaching children will guide you to a deeper understanding of children’s needs and an understanding of the equality and respect that children and their mentors/parents should exercise towards each other. Your commitment and willingness to view life through the eyes of a child will secure you this understanding. It will make other parents, yoga teachers and school teachers aware of the wonderful benefits of yoga as they see how your approach allows a child self-exploration in a safe and nurturing environment, irrespective of age and experience.Once you have completed the course you will be be qualified to teach the Yoga Bananas Technique™ classes in schools and nurseries.


Ethos Of Yoga Before Business Of Yoga

Yoga Bananas offers a comprehensive and creative system of teaching, which presemts you with an income. We conly want to train people who will support our commitment to yoga principles and who go on and respect the Yoga Bananas name - the real yogis who put the 'business' of yoga second to the 'ethos' of yoga. Please see our Terms of Use before signing up to the course and only support us because you like what you hear. We can have a great deal of fun together, embracing the energy and soul of yoga.


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