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Happiness Is Giving

Teach children that happiness is in giving. There has been much research on what brings us genuine joy and the research shows that it is giving. Money only increases our happiness when it takes us out of poverty and away from real threats. Although, you don't always have to gift by buying someone something, you can offer your time and support, and gratitude too.

This is something we can teach our children, and by example. In front of your children make a point of tipping in restaurants, giving to a homeless person, donating to a food bank, giving to the charity collectors at supermarket doors, helping an elderly person across the road, talking to a friend who is feeling sad and tell your children how showing generosity to others in all forms makes you happy. If their basic needs are being met your children will soon learn from you that acting with generosity and humility to those less fortunate or more vulnerable is the true path to joy and that giving can be as simple as reaching for her sibling or pet and giving them a big hug.


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