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Negative Peer Pressure

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to know the scenarios that are playing out in school unless children choose to express them. Children spend half of their time at school, yet it can be a feat trying to persuade them to open up and speak about any concerns they may have. Difficulties come in many guises but are generally related to children’s lack of confidence in the classroom or the playground. A child may be struggling with a subject or may lack the co-ordination for sport and feel isolated in the playground when friends are playing football or tag. Children prefer to blend in and when they don’t they feel vulnerable and this is when they succumb to negative peer pressure.

The effects of negative peer pressure can be overcome through:

  • allowing children time to express their feelings and share their news whilst a parent actively listens.

  • teaching children that with every thought, word or action there is a commensurate reaction; act badly and something bad will come out of it.

  • reminding children of their beliefs and values so it is easier for them to walk away when those values aren’t met by their peers.

  • reminding children to treat others how they would like to be treated by imagining wearing someone else’s shoes before delivering a thought, word or action.

  • teaching children to take strength from the breath and yoga poses that promote inner strength.


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