Established since 2004, this is a teacher specific development course that is a perfect follow-up to the Yoga Alliance (UK and US) accredited Yoga Bananas® 3 - 11 and gives you the tools to teach teenagers an adapted and extended form of the Yoga Bananas® Technique and more...with an emphasis on equipping teenagers with the tools to live a healthy, mindful existence during what is a wholly transformative phase of synaptic pruning. Please noet the price is £390 for two people and £500 if one-to-one.

Forest Green Village Hall, Horsham Road, Forest Green, Surrey RH5 5RZ.

Teen YB Module for YB 3-11 Graduates TBA

  • By purchasing this course you agree to the Terms of Use and agree to send a signed, printed and dated form to or Yoga Bananas Limited, 4 New Road, Forest Green, Surrey, RH5 5SA.

© Yoga Bananas® 1998 - 2019 - all images portray Yoga Bananas' students with Skip Oliver except Teen YB (stock image). Photographs taken by Claire Robertson for Yoga Bananas®.



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01306 621 163


Training takes place:

Forest Green Village Hall,

Horsham Road,

Forest Green,

Surrey Hills


Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Bananas
Yoga Alliance Children's Yoga CPD Course
Independent Yoga Network, Children's Yoga Course