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Skip Oliver teaching children's yoga breathing

'Skip's business is more of a 'gift' to people as opposed to just a profit- making machine. If more businesses were like Skip's the world would be a much kinder and more content place.' 


Juliette Oliver

Yoga Bananas Graduate

Yoga Bananas® offers a 1 Day Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training Course that combines traditional yoga techniques with physical theatre and storytelling to promote marked improvements in children's physical and mental wellbeing. Includes a 40,000-word training manual with illustrations, written by course founder, Skip Oliver. The training day is both practical and pedagogic.

The Yoga Bananas® Schoolteachers' Course is for teaches who would like to train in breathing, visualisation, basic yoga techniques, physical theatre and meditation to creatively work with children to help them live a meaningful life. The content is taken from the 3 Day course, cherry-picking those elements from the Yoga Bananas® Technique that require no prior formal training in yoga and that are most relevant to schoolteachers. 


The Yoga Bananas® Technique has been taught in schools for over two decades. You will recognise lots of activities we do as linking to the broader curriculum, strengthening children's learning in areas such as PSHE, Citizenship, Emotional Development, Music, Beat and Rhythm, Phonological Awareness for little ones and Speaking and Listening Skills. It also caters to Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles. The Technique encompasses a structure that can be used for an entire PE lesson, strengthening children's Gross Motor Skills - so when they are strong enough they can adapt to Fine Motor Strengthening or can be divided into smaller bite-sized pieces for the classroom. There is an emphasis on original storytelling throughout the Course, which can support children's Narrative Skills and strengthen their Learning Pathways in storytelling, which can be beneficial for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners..


Although some of the more advanced yoga asana work from the 3 Day Course is removed, the main elements of the Hatha Yoga Tradition are preserved in the 1 Day Course, such as:

  • Basic postural alignment for a healthy spine and lungs

  • Dynamic energy work for cardiovascular health

  • Teaching respect for developing positive relationships

  • Balancing poses for harnessing the mind as well as the body

  • Imaginative memory games for improving concentration

  • Vocal exercises that create camaraderie and connection between peers and allow children to indulge in narrative chatter, giving them a voice and imaginative freedom

  • Relaxation and visualisation techniques for controlling anxiety


Established since 1998, the Yoga Bananas® Technique is a unique Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Course in which movement and physicality of the body play a predominant role in helping children understand and take control of their mind's narrative. The technique not only builds children's confidence but by the very nature of yoga and its roots within the sacred Vedic tradition also offers a child the opportunity to explore their intuitive nature and spirituality.

The course is run by founder Skip Oliver, Dip Physical Theatre, BA Hons English, MA Creative Writing and yoga teacher and teacher trainer since 1998 and former artistic director of London StorySLAM:Live at the Southbank Centre. Skip has been analysing the connection between the mind and body since she was a teenager and competitive athlete. From her twenty-year teaching experience as a yoga creator for children and adults (Senior Yoga Teacher, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Elder), she has explored and experimented with yoga techniques and energy work to devise an exciting and inspirational approach to working with children to help them fulfil their unique potential and develop into caring, sharing individuals. The Yoga Bananas® Technique, at the very least through its innovation, sows the seed of yoga and all its all benefits in young children's minds. It is hoped that those young children will maintain or reignite their passion during adulthood, returning to yoga as a much more complex experience, where they can feel that the life lived in between learning the Technique and attending adult classes has been imbued with a spiritual intensity.

And, of course, everything that is taught is backed up by a 40,000 word illustrated manual that recounts the course verbatim.

If you would like Yoga Bananas® to train. one or a group of schoolteachers then please contact us for a quote.


© Yoga Bananas® 1998 - 2019 - all images portray Yoga Bananas' students with Skip Oliver except Teen YB (stock image). Photographs taken by Claire Robertson for Yoga Bananas®.



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Training takes place:

Forest Green Village Hall,

Horsham Road,

Forest Green,

Surrey Hills


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