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Picture of Skip Oliver

'Anyone thinking of training with Skippy - stop thinking. Just do it! Skip is an amazing, interesting and warm person and her enthusiasm for her work is infectious. She is a supportive and encouraging teacher and instills confidence in the trainees on the course and the children in her classes.'


Jo Black

Yoga Bananas Graduate

Skip Oliver is the founder of Yoga Bananas® and is a pioneer of children's yoga. She has personally trained over 1500 people in small groups and over two decades in the Yoga Bananas® Technique.

Skip has been analysing the connection between the mind and body since she was a teenager and competitive athlete. From her twenty-two-year experience as a yoga teacher for children and adults, she has learnt that the layers of the mind always speak through the physical body. Out of this understanding and through an exploration of yoga techniques and energy work, she has devised an exciting and inspirational approach to working with children to help them fulfil their unique potential and develop into caring, sharing individuals. The Yoga Bananas® Technique, at the very least through its innovation, sows the seed of yoga and all its benefits in young children's minds. It is hoped that those young children will maintain or reignite their passion during adulthood, returning to yoga as a much more complex experience, where they can feel that the life lived in between learning the Technique and attending adult classes has been one imbued with spiritual intensity.

Skip is a mother of three boys. Her son, Callum named the company when he was just four years old. His reason? - Yoga is bendy and fun like a banana!


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