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Teen Training

Teenager doing handstand against the wall

'This proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made because I simply loved the whole course....I consider myself a very lucky man as I had a wonderful opportunity to observe Skip and learn from her.' 

Csaba Vinkler

Yoga Bananas Graduate

This Teacher-Specific Teen Yoga Module is the perfect follow-up to the Yoga Bananas® 3 - 11 Year Course. 


The one day certificated Teen Yoga Module is for graduates of the 3-11 Years Course and is designed to further develop your technical skills in teaching.


You will learn how to use yoga activities to reinforce the importance of a heathy diet and exercise, keeping regular sleep patterns and maintaining a happy mind. Becoming a teenager is one of the most transformational physical and emotional stages of a human being's life and sometimes guidance is needed along the way. Peak performance, quick reflexes, fast and efficient decision-making are all the domain of a teenager. However, when the normal environment is altered by an emotionally-charged event which is compounded by low empathy levels and a need to be validated, teenagers can manifest extreme behaviour, like self-harming, drug-taking and obsessive compulsive disorder. An exploration of the body and mind through yoga postures, sequences and meditation techniques can alleviate the stress that accompanies these experiences and also the stress of dealing with the day-to-day challenge of hormonal changes.

Teens want to be free to work things out for themselves but when they can't, when it goes wrong they become sad and lose self-confidence. The Yoga Bananas® Teacher-Specific Teen Yoga Module, offers the skills to facilitate the development of emotional intelligence in teens, empowering them to 'problem resolve so that they optimally function today and in the future.

10.5 Continuing Professional Development Credits with the Yoga Alliance. Backed up by a 55,000 word, illustrated training manual, written by Skip Oliver.

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