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Yoga Bananas' 3-11 Course

Yoga Bananas Graduates

'Anyone thinking of training with Skippy - stop thinking. Just do it! Skip is an amazing, interesting and warm person and her enthusiasm for her work is infectious. She is a supportive and encouraging teacher and instills confidence in the trainees on the course and the children in her classes.'


Jo Black

Yoga Bananas Graduate

A highly creative Advanced Children's Yoga Training Course using the Yoga Bananas® Technique.

This pioneering course offers an intelligent, practical and highly creative approach to teaching children's yoga. Suitable for those who have practised yoga for a minimum of 40 hours and who are looking for a rewarding career. Includes 2 days of intensive training and a 50,000k word illustrated manual and optional visit to a school. on the third day. The course is taught one-to-one. 

​Day One - 10.30am - 4.30pm:

Location: 4 New Rd, Forest Green, Dorking, Surrey Hills, RH5 5SA

Lunch: Supplied


Working through Structure One of the tried and tested Yoga Bananas® Technique - This is a full-on demonstration day in which you will be expected to be fully immersed. The day includes original storytelling and rhythm and rhyme to yoga movement because where there's an action there's a story. On this day you will begin to understand how movement and physicality play a role in helping children understand and take control of their mind's narrative.


Be prepared to connect with your inner child as you learn breath awareness, postural alignment, dynamic empathy exercises, controlled transitions, the power of respect, songs, chants, visualisations, classroom management and much, much more, and always through creative techniques that spark the imagination. The Technique not only builds children's confidence but by the very nature of yoga and its roots within the sacred Vedic tradition offers children the opportunity to explore their intuitive nature and spirituality.


Homework will be set on this day so it is important that nothing is planned for the evening. 

​Day Two - 10.30am - 4.30pm:

Location: 4 New Rd, Forest Green, Dorking, Surrey Hills, RH5 5SA

Lunch: Supplied

Practical Assessment Day and Working through Structure Two of the Yoga Bananas® Technique - On this day you will teach the whole of Structure One  and receive constructive feedback from Skip. This is a fantastic learning environment as you absorb more and more of the Technique with your participation in each practical assessment. Following this, Skip will demonstrate her Storyos™ - original and epic stories narrated through asana. On this day you will also learn other Alternative Class Structures that are a total departure from Structure One and Structure Two to further expand your repertoire.

Homework will be set on this day so it is important that nothing is planned for the evening.

​Day Three Optional -

Times: 10.30am -3.15pm

Location: Polesden Lacey Infants, Oakdene Close, Great Bookham, Leatherhead KT23 4PT

School Visit Day - Today is an optional day where, depending on your work schedule, Skip can arrange a visit to a local school where Skip will teach Structure One and Structure Two to school-children and you will be able to integrate as an assistant. This is not possible when the training takes place during the school holidays.

Please note you will be given some self-supervision work to complete prior to the course. Once you have booked, you will be sent details of this. 

See Course Dates Here -

Or contact Skip to arrange.


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