‘When you are born a lotus flower be a lotus flow and don’t try to be a magnolia flower.’ Thich Nhat Hahn


True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself and having the confidence to live that way without craving recognition and trying to adapt to please others.


Yoga Bananas has never fitted well into the corporate mould. It was born at a time before the arrival of self-appointed bodies scrambling to own the rights to govern yoga and those who teach it. Yoga Bananas resisted joining but eventually did, despite some negative observations such as a pyramidal organisational structure. However, since 2022 our company has decided to relinquish these badges and mantles. We know our value and the value of word of mouth. We have also seen substantial rising costs to trainers in some camps where only those who are willing to invest large sums are given an optimal platform so the more you pay, the more exposure you obtain. 


We had been endorsed by all the major registrars since 2004-2022. One registrar admitted they would only ever attend a children's yoga course with Yoga Bananas. Perhaps that is endorsement enough. The training hours you spend on our course can still be added as CPD if you are already a member of one of these organisations. It is important to know that you do not need to be registered with these bodies to get yoga insurance, but you do need to have completed a training course and have a certificate - our pioneering insurer Nigel Wissett-Warner of Wellbeing Insurance (https://wellbeinginsurance.co.ukhas total faith in every graduate we put their way with no commission involved . 

A Note on Yoga Teacher Training Accreditation:

Yoga Bananas has been training teachers in children's yoga years before the registration bodies existed with the exception of the British Wheel of Yoga. Over the past 15 years there has developed a political climate between the various registration bodies (these are not governing bodies) as they struggle for dominance and monopoly over teachers and training courses. For a time, some of the organisations excluded membership to graduates who had been trained by a school that had not registered their teacher training with them but had chosen to register with another organisation. This would suggest that the ability of the student and trainer is not their sole focus. Added to this, some of the registration organisations have changed their criteria for membership a number of times, often to attract more members and improve financial gain, but also because they have had difficulty setting the criteria.