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Skip recommends the use of a lavender eye pillow in children's yoga classes. Clothes designer Naomi Purkiss produces beautiful hand made lavender eye pillows and yoga mat bags in stunning fabrics exclusively for Yoga Bananas. Perfect for calming the children in relaxation. They work a treat, promise. The 2019 colection is funky and fun.


Pratyahara is the fifth limb of Yoga and means withdrawal of the senses. Covering the eyes allows for partial withdrawal of the senses allowing the eyes to stop living off the things that stimulate them. Consequently children can better harness the mind and focus more fully on their body and breath.

Organic, Funky Eye Pillows

  • These masks are filled with a mixture of fresh French lavender and lavender oil-infused rice, the ratio of the filling is 40-60 (60% infused rice to give a good weight on the eyes). They look wonderful too so they make great presents as they can be used at home as well as on the mat.

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