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A Topological Map for Our Future

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Children Praying

Children's Yoga could be aligned with a topological map for the future - a future that is happy, socially integrated and respectful of all sentient beings and their environment. Topological, because the connectivity of yogic elements is significant to the success of the programme. But in order for society to be able to move from one destination to another, and in order for this vision to succeed, good teachers are required to lead the way, teachers who have been fully equipped with the map's' route. This is the foundation to success and our main commitment to all teachers who train with Yoga Bananas in the Yoga Bananas Technique.

Your development as a teacher is paramount and we look to train people to be distinctive and notable and to have a realisation of the preciousness of young human lives. By relying on the tools and resources that the training can offer you, it's step-by-step guide, you will understand clearly the nuances of the Hatha Yoga tradition that best illuminate and charm children and help them move forwards in their understanding of the human spirit.

The training offers you the fertile ground for your development through a solid, well-tested and unique structure and the seeds ripe for growth through the individual techniques. The training offers you a spiritual path – yoga has its roots in a sacred tradition, so by learning how to teach it, you must necessarily engage with it on this level. When we fully engage in breathing and posture work and mind protection through meditation, we are opening up the possibility of harnessing the mind and developing the virtues of wisdom and compassion; wisdom and compassion give you the Essential Qualities to be an inspiring teacher. Through our Technique, we look to cultivate E.Q. in the teachers who train with us for they will then be equipped to cultivate these virtues in the children of today and guide the next generation to create a society that is more respectful, socially-engaged and non-judgemental.


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