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Cultivate Awe In Children

The dots of light we see in the sky are all light-years from Earth. That knowledge when we look up at the night sky produces something in us called awe. Awe is something we want to cultivate in children from an early age and establish in their psyche as they develop into adults. Awe can be a therapeutic antidote to the weight of responsibility felt by us all in the prime of our lives when we are trying to establish our careers and support our family.

Awe sharpens the brain, makes a person feel more satisfied with life, decreases the need for materialistic fulfilment, produces a feeling of humility and gives that feeling of being more aligned and connected to something greater than the self - a Higher Power.

Awe is a spiritual experience and nurtures the soul in much the same way as prayer, meditation and yoga. So guide the children you know on an awe-inspiring journey through life to complement their yoga practice by giving them one awe-inspiring fact every day or even buying them a portable telescope or microscope.


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