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Cradle Yoga

Our children spend a lot of their young lives sitting in a chair. Starting school at the age of 4 exacerbates the problems that this can cause to their bodies. But the chair can be embraced and put to better use. Practsiing yoga poses from the yoga will support their mental health (as well as their physical body). The reassurance of using this sturdy prop allows children to move deeper into a pose in the knowledge they have the full support of an external entity, a bit like being cradled in the arms of their mothers, giving them a psychological boost. The chair can be used for many of the traditional standing poses like the Warriors and Triangles but also for some of the classic seated poses like Half Lotus, Half Fire Log pose and Goddess Pose. It's easy to be adventurous when using the chair and will offer the children a new perspective on their time in the classroom. #benefitsofchairyoga #chairyogaforchildren #deskyoga #yogaintheclassroom


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