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Secure Food For Our Children's Future

We all like wild flowers. We all want the best for our bees and butterflies. Can you imagine what a difference we would make to their survival as well as to other's mental and physical health and our children's future if we took out a little brown paper bag of seed compost mixed with nectar rich flower seeds such as borage (which is also edible so very safe to scatter) and scattered it in the park, on a verge or on wasteland somewhere every time we went out for a walk?

The wonderful thing about borage is that it is happy in low fertile soil, BUT the most important fact is that their flowers refill with nectar every two minutes! Bees and butterflies just love them. Let's do it. You can also use the cucumbery tasting leaves in salads, use the young leaves for gargling for sore throats and mouth ulcers, use the leaves in the bath as an anti-inflammatory soak, and make a tisane to reduce fever. It's a veritable family first aid kit! Why aren't we all growing it already? It's a superpowered plant. Let's be herbalists and do it!


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