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Just Sit Down and Be Quiet...

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Boy doing martial arts with a woman meditating in foreground

Meditation is NOT difficult. Like any discipline, it takes incremental effort and scheduling to enter the path that will eventually lead to a deeper experience. That means starting off by switching off all digital devices, sitting with crossed legs with your back against a wall, half-closing or fully closing your eyes and being in the moment. That moment can include focussing your mind on observing anything you like, your breath, sensations in your body or the sounds that you hear around you. Incremental effort means beginning by setting your timer for 5 minutes only, Scheduling means meditating at the same time every day such as the moment you wake up. Refraining from making judgements about the quality of your meditation is also a pre-requisite for success. This means accepting being disturbed during your meditation, accepting that your mind isn't always as ready to focus as much as your will. Over time you can increase the timings of meditation to 6 minutes, then 7, then 8 etc. and your scheduling can include meditating more than once a day, perhaps before every meal, whenever you go on a dog walk, before you go to sleep. Eventually you will experience a momentary glimpse of perfect mental clarity - and I do mean momentary but it will refresh you as much as a full uninterrupted night's sleep and give you confidence to believe in your mind as a vehicle for your success in life. How easy is that? Child's play, I'd say.


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