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The Hidden Benefits Of Snow

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Snow isn't just about layering up to greet the outdoors only to receive a chapped face for your efforts; there are some surprising hidden advantages to share with your children:

  1. Better cardio-vascular health - trudging through snow takes effort!

  2. Snow gives a muffled feeling indoors and slows down movement outdoors, enhancing tranquility.

  3. Snow is magical and tinges children with enchantment, giving their mood an uplift. Cold temperatures also boost their energy and endorphins.

  4. Snow turns walking for children into a small adventure as they walk in places they wouldn't usually, like the middle of the road or on frozen muddy puddles.

  5. Snow is the opportunity to teach children a little biology and the value of inteconnectedness - tell children that snow in winter makes gardening easier in spring by insulating roots and bulbs and breaking down dead leaves into mulch, which in turn feeds nurrients to the earth and offers hiding places for bugs that prey on pests.


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