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An Early Call to Listen to the Body

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The aim of the Yoga Bananas® Technique is to introduce children to the richness of the Hatha yoga tradition in a safe, nurturing and fun environment, irrespective of age and experience. Hatha yoga is the popular form of yoga most widely practised in the West that incorporates yoga postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness and relaxation. The Technique follows a coherent, easy-to-use structure that allows you as a teacher to focus on inspiring and cherishing the children you teach and includes lots of fun exercises that connect to the ethos of yoga in a subtler way. These exercises promote an early call to listen to the body and observe the language of the mind.

Two children smiling at each other.

This leaning towards self enquiry in the primary years stands much less chance of being lost later in life, helping children to feel confident and secure throughout their development even in adverse situations or surroundings. Rites of passage such as beginning a new school, making new friends, sibling rivalry or reaching puberty can often leave children feeling confused and unsure of themselves and confused and unsure of others, and an exploration of the body and mind through yoga principles can alleviate the stress that accompanies these experiences and build the resilience required to deal with them. Children who experience the power of yoga in their formative years develop compassionate souls and grow up believing they can positively affect people, situations and events despite the upheavals that are playing out in the mutable world.

Peace and Love

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