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Bendy, Fun and Highly Digestible!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Bananas on pink background

The name Yoga Bananas® was thought up by my middle son, Callum, when he was 4 years old, (the boys are now 24, 22 and 14). His reasoning was that what I was teaching him made him bendy like a banana, he was able to make fun shapes with his body like a banana and learning these shapes was as easy as peeling a banana. How could I argue with this brilliant reflection of the Yoga Bananas® Technique? And so the name was born. The Technique is also set out in a coherent way that allows you to focus on inspiring and cherishing those children you teach - therefore making teaching it as easy as digesting a banana!

But there is also a serious side to what we train you to teach, for the Yoga Bananas® Technique connects to the ethos of yoga in a subtler way, promoting an early call to listen to the body and observe the language of the mind... 

Skip Oliver and her children

Why? Because self enquiry in the primary years stands much less chance of being lost later in life, helping children to feel confident and secure throughout their formative development even in adverse situations or surroundings. Rites of passage such as beginning a new school, making new friends, sibling rivalry or reaching puberty can often leave children feeling confused and unsure of themselves and confused and unsure of others. Exploring the body through yoga poses and the mind through present-moment awareness diminishes the stress that accompanies these experiences and fosters resilience. Children who experience the power of yoga and all its facets develop compassionate souls and grow up believing they can positively affect people, situations and events despite the upheavals that may be playing out of an ever-changing world. Now, isn't that a fix for our global society! #childrensyoga #childrensyogatraininguk

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