The original and creative children's yoga training provider, 
combining yoga asana with physical theatre and storytelling. 

All courses are taught by founder, Skip Oliver - SYT, Yoga Elder, E-RYT, Dip. Physical Theatre, BA Hons. English, MA Creative Writing.

Yoga Bananas has been a children's yoga training school with a strong ethos since 1998. The cornerstone of our training is to empower you to empower the children you know through a creative exploration of the full pantheon of the Hatha yoga tradition.
Skip Oliver


A distinctive and well-tested structure that makes kids' yoga teaching fun and easy whilst certifying you as a children's yoga teacher.

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The Yoga Bananas® Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course offers a comprehensive and innovative system of teaching children's yoga that certifies you to teach whilst sending you out bursting at the seams with creativity and fully confident to embrace your new career. All the material is unique and constantly evolving and taught in small groups by creator and founder, Skip Oliver.


If you would like to make a valuable contribution to the well-being of society, helping children and their mentors live a meaningful life whilst laying down a long-term blueprint of mental and physical health then our course is for you. We can help you achieve this through our unparalleled focus on teaching techniques that reinforce the value of embracing the present moment in a child-friendly way.


Offering over a year's worth of original and creative material, our kids' yoga course comprises 170 elements and uses a distinctive and well-tested structure that makes kids' yoga teaching fun and easy. We open your eyes to the marriage of narrative and movement through Storyos™ and the absorbing effects of rhythm and rhyme through Yoga Bananas® sequencing (plus lots more) and unleash in you an awareness of your gifts, strengths and potentialities and a deep connection with your inner child. Your commitment and willingness to view life through the eyes of a child and foster a nurturing environment full of praise will make you a great triumph with children and parents alike.


Oh, and one other thing, our children's yoga course is backed up by a 50k word illustrated manual of verbatim instructions. So you'll never feel alone. Having said that, you can contact Skip anytime for advice following the course, because your success, is our success.


If all the above resonates with you then book here so we can have a great deal of fun together, embracing the energy and soul of children's yoga.